IR Playbook: Top 5 Ways to Revolutionize Incident Response

Published by SentinelOne

When faced with a cyber-security incident, time is of the essence. Organizations must remain agile and proactive to stay ahead of potential threats. Utilizing sophisticated security tools can help teams swiftly detect, evaluate, and contain vulnerabilities before they cause any permanent harm.

Join us for a virtual discussion as experts explore five use cases that make incident response faster and more comprehensive than ever before—enabling security analysts to respond quickly and efficiently while protecting their organization from developing threats.

This webinar will give you insights into:

  • Enabling power forensics to jump-start investigations
  • Rapid Attack Containment to contain threats in real-time
  • Evaluate critical security defenses to identify potential security compromises
  • Simplify Vulnerability and Configuration Management
  • Automate Response Capabilities to reduce containment time

Don't let incident response strategies become a relic of the past! Join us while we explore emerging cutting-edge technologies that can revolutionize your organization's complete security posture.

Matan-El Barnes, SentinelOne, Product Manager

Resha Chheda, SentinelOne, Director of Product Marketing

Jan Tietze, SentinelOne, Director of Security Strategy, Europe


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